BASI® Pilates

Teacher Training

Comprehensive Program:

Jan. 19-21 Modules 1-3            Feb. 2-4 Modules 4-6

March 8-10 Modules 7-9          April 5-7 Modules 10-12


BASI® Pilates Teacher Training Program:

  • Mat and Comprehensive (Mat + Apparatus) Teacher Training Programs from BASI® Pilates: A world-leading academy in Pilates education
  • Receive an internationally recognized Pilates certification, PMA membership, and full set of manuals
  • Receive discounted private training at our studio along with apprenticeship and employment opportunities
The Program
The BASI® Pilates Teacher Training Programs offer a college-level learning experience for the serious professional seeking a thorough education in the Pilates method. Designed and developed by Rael Isacowitz M.A., founder and director of BASI® Pilates, this program is unique in integrating both the art and science of human movement with a contemporary approach to the work of Joseph Pilates.

Each course covers a fundamental understanding of applied anatomy, physiology and the theory of movement while offering a comprehensive curriculum in the correct and appropriate application of the complete Pilates repertoire. In addition, the course explores many innovative BASI® Pilates developments of the work that can help the future graduates tailor the technique to different populations and situations for a positive outcome.

2023-2024 Course Schedule:

BASI® Pilates Teacher Training Dates

Comprehensive Program 

Jan. 19-21, 2024 modules 1-3

March 8-10, 2024 modules 7-9

Feb. 2-4, 2024 modules 4-6

April 5-7, 2024 modules 10-12


BASI® Pilates Teacher Training Dates

Comprehensive Program

Jan. 19-21, 2024 modules 1-3
Feb. 2-4, 2024 modules 4-6
March 8-10, 2024 modules 7-9
April 5-7, 2024 modules 10-12

The path to becoming a BASI qualified Pilates professional:

The Comprehensive Teacher Training Program:

The BASI® Comprehensive Program (US) is an enduring foundation for a career in Pilates. Two programs, taken sequentially, make up our Comprehensive Program: the Foundation Program and the Graduate Program.

Graduates are qualified to teach up to advanced level students on the full compliment of Pilates equipment, including BASI’s F2 ® System. They will also qualify to take the PMA Pilates Certification exam.

The Foundation Program consists of six modules, which includes lectures, discussion, exercise analysis and exercise practice.

Please note: The Foundation Program includes the Mat Program (which can be taken independently)

BASI’s Graduate Program consists of six modules, which include lectures, discussion, exercise analysis and practice.

The MAT Program:

Designed for those who want to gain thorough knowledge and training of the Pilates Mat exercises and the Pilates principles of movement, the Mat Program can lead to a BASI® Mat Teaching Credential, and is the perfect springboard to the Comprehensive Training Programs. Those attending this program receive a Mat Study Guide and a Mat Movement Analysis Workbook (MAWB).

This program is comprised of 24 hours of lecture, discussion, and exercise practice and exercise analysis divided into six modules.

To receive the BASI Comprehensive Certificate, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attendance of all modules and classes hours
  • Submission of Student Paper
  • Observation: minimum 100 hours (50% can be completed using Pilates Interactive).
  • Self-Practice: minimum 200 hours
  • Practice Teaching: minimum 200 hours
  • Final Written Exam (Online)
  • Practical and Teaching Examinations (at a Centralized Location) *Testing fees required
    We recommend that you start working on your hours during the Foundation Program. Hours can be logged online from BASI’s Student Dashboard or logged on the Tracking Forms which are available on BASI’s Student Dashboard upon enrollment.


All students attending US-based Mat and Comprehensive Programs will be tested at Centralized Testing locations.

To Learn more about Centralized Testing and the Examination Process please click here.

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