Next basi teacher training course

Mentor Program: Nov.17-19, 2023

Comprehensive Program:

Jan. 12-14 Modules 1-3            Feb. 2-4 Modules 4-6

March 8-10 Modules 7-9       April 5-7 Modules 10-12

Private Lessons
Offering both in person, or virtual private lessons at this time.

Private Lessons will be tailored with the right amount of focus on one or all of the benefits of the Pilates method.

Small Group Class
All of our classes are offered in-person and we also offer classes online. View our schedule and sign up online.
BASI® Pilates Teacher Training
The BASI® Pilates Teacher Training Programs offer a college-level learning experience for the serious professional seeking a thorough education in the Pilates method.
Massage Therapy
Sports and Medical Massage Therapy, or manual therapy, is an integral part of treatment at Physio Logic. Physical therapy patients at Physio Logic receive individualized manual therapy built into each physical therapy session. Our Licensed Sports and Medical Massage Therapists work closely with the Physical Therapists and Chiropractors to provide individualized effective treatment for each patient.
On-Demand Videos
Visit our growing library of on demand videos to suit all levels.
Physio Logic Pilates has two locations located in Brooklyn and Manhattan New York.

For more details on each studio, they’re listed under the locations tab.

Learn more about our approach and how pilates can be of benefit to you, from articles we’ve published or were featured in.
Physio Logic has greatly expanded our Telehealth Services and you can now schedule most services online. Including Non-Surgical Orthopedics & Sports Medicine,
Regenerative Medicine, Physical Therapy & more.

You may also access the FUNC YOU UP! podcast. The best in wellness, nutrition, and functional medicine in eight minutes or less.

Medical & Wellness Center
From Physical Therapy, to Chiropractic care and more. Physio Logic encompasses a well rounded wellness center with an array of traditional and sports medicine treatments.

What is BPA – NYC:

BPA – NYC Brooklyn and the UES were established in 2006. We are a full service Pilates studio offering private lessons, small group classes, as well as options to work with student teachers from the BASI Pilates Teacher Training Program for which we have been the NYC training center for over a decade. We are also building a scholarship program from the profits of our growing on demand studio- VirtuaLogic.  Our Manhattan studio location focuses exclusively on on private lessons while our Brooklyn Studio location collaborates and integrates with our medical wellness center, Physio Logic. 


“I’ve been taking individual Pilates lessons with Jamie for a little over two months and I have felt stronger and much more in tune with my body than I have in a long time. Jamie pushes me while ensuring that I have a strong foundation. I highly recommend BASI Pilates!” – Eric Rodriguez


“Can’t overstate how much I’m benefitting from doing Pilates with Astrid at Physiologic. She’s rigorous, attentive, detail-oriented and through. I look forward to my sessions with her and I leave feeling centered and refreshed, every single time.” – Lila Neugebauer


“I attended the BASI teacher training (foundation level) and just loved it. I learned new ways to deepen my practice and better understand my body. I can’t say enough for how beautiful the studio is and how incredible the teachers are. I walked away with a lot more than I thought I would. Highly recommend.” – Andrea Magiera-Guy


“I liked the small class size as the instructor was able to be attentive to everyone and help adjust or reposition the poses. Great for a beginner class and can be modified to increase the challenge.” – From Lily Zhang’s class


“Jess has been my Pilates instructor for almost two years now, and she has consistently been the highlight of my week. She works so closely with her clients and she is the main reason for my transformation the way it did. Not only did my body change aesthetically, but my mobility, my strength, and my perception of how my body moves throughout life changed. I owe so much of my progress to her and to Physiologic as a whole. Thanks team!” – Gwynn Neal