Private Lessons

In-Person Private Sessions
& Virtual Lessons

We offer both in-person and virtual private lessons.


  • Cross training
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Strength training
  • Develop full range of motion and flexibility
  • Correct imbalances and reiterate efficient movement patterns
  • Discover and maintain ideal posture
  • Look good – uniformly tone all of your muscles
  • Build athletic and functional movement
  • Sports specific training

Make it All About You

Private Lessons will be tailored with the right amount of focus on one or all of the benefits of the Pilates method. Offering both virtual & in-person lessons at this time.

Getting Started

We recommend our 2 private introductory lessons package. Whether a Pilates pro or a total novice:

  • Assess your goals with the help of our expert instructors.
  • Learn self corrections to take into a group class or anywhere.
  • If you have been seen at our medical/wellness center, we will incorporate relevant notes from your practitioner.

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