Private Pilates Lessons

In-Person Private Sessions
& Virtual Lessons

We offer both in-person and virtual private lessons.


  • Cross training
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Strength training
  • Mental Health
  • Develop full range of motion and flexibility
  • Correct imbalances and reiterate efficient movement patterns
  • Discover and maintain ideal posture
  • Look good – uniformly tone all of your muscles
  • Build athletic and functional movement
  • Sports specific training

A Pilates Private Class – Make it All About You

Private Lessons will be tailored with the right amount of focus on the specific benefits of the Pilates method. Offering both virtual & in-person lessons at this time.

One-on-one basi pilates brooklyn lessons, offer a personalized and transformative experience for individuals seeking to unlock their full potential in physical fitness and overall well-being.  Pilates can work a vast spectrum from high intensity sports specific training to corrective exercise with a therapeutic and rehabilitative approach.

Sessions follow the BASI Block system to ensure the spine works in flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation while targeting all of the muscle groups and working the body in different relationships to gravity. After discussing your specific goals, your instructor will discover the approach h that works best for you. Often the pacing of a session, or the amount of discussion vs demonstration can make all the difference. Everyone has a unique way of learning and we pride ourselves on understanding yours to redeem your body’s fullest strength and potential.

These pilates lessons allow the pilates private instructor to closely observe your movement patterns, correct any misalignments, and provide personalized coaching.

It has been an honor to watch our community evolve over the last 17 years!

Start your Pilates Training

We recommend our introductory package of 2 private pilates lessons, 55 min each, whether you are a professional or an exercise novice:

  • Assess your goals and the way to achieve them with the help and guidance of our expert instructors
  • Learn modifications, progressions, self corrections, and personalized cues to build upon.
  • Decide on the best Pilates combo for you including private lessons, duets, group classes, or work with a BASI Pilates student in training.
  • Incorporate and share relevant notes with your doctor or practitioner at our medical and wellness center if applicable.
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