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We recently changed the studio name to BASI Pilates Academy – NYC from Physio Logic Pilates to solidify the relationship with our international BASI Pilates family and officially establish as the NYC Teacher Training Center. The common values: Passion, Compassion & Excellence are truly made better when we are together. Our values are enhanced by also keeping the unique qualities that have made us who we are over the last 17 years.

Get logic

BASI Pilates Academy – NYC is an educational center for both students and teachers. You will find our eclectic, versatile team of instructors pride themselves on recognizing your specific goals. A true sense of Joseph Pilates’ traditional work combined with innovation and experience inspire us to teach you more than just the exercises, but the application of the Pilates systems to your physical life both in and out of the studio.

Keep it Together

Develop your maximum strength and flexibility and lay the foundation for a strong, efficient, confident & happy body. Focus on postural or corrective issues, sports specific training, a kick butt workout, or do it all-a dedicated Pilates practice will pull it all together.

Meet your core

Optimal and efficient function in any movement or dynamic stability requires your personal ideal alignment. You will feel that its not just “abs.” Discover core muscles in your head, shoulders, knees and toes!

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