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Virtual Private Sessions
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In addition to in person services, we are
offering all of our services online.

Virtual Private Sessions:

If you’re a current client in our studio, you can reach out directly to your regular teacher to schedule your session.

If you’re new to Physio Logic, you can purchase our 2-Privates Intro package here. Email us at to schedule your first appointment.

To participate in a remote sessions, you will need a device with a microphone and a video camera, and good internet connection.

Our preferred platform for remote sessions is Zoom ( You can create a free account and their software is reliable and compatible with all major devices and operating systems. If you prefer using another platform (FaceTime/Skype/WhatsApp/etc) you can coordinate directly with your teacher.

Getting Ready for your VirtuaLogic™ Remote Session:

Here are some tips to prepare and set up for your remote session:
  • For Pilates sessions, a thicker mat is recommended since there is a lot of spinal articulation that won’t feel great on a thin yoga mat. We like this mat. If you’re using a yoga mat, consider placing it over a carpet, rug or a blanket.
  • Choose a spot for your mat where there is room to stretch your arms in all directions, and a strong WiFi/data signal.
  • Light: more! ; surrounding noise: less…
  • Place your camera about 12 feet away from your mat. Most of your session will be done either lying down or in kneeling height, so try to make sure the frame catches that view so the teacher can see you properly.
  • Props: if you have any props your instructor can incorporate them for a more varied session. We recommend a 36″ foam roller (such as this) and a theraband – both are great for independent use as well. For specific recommendations, ask your teacher.

Need More Information?

Contact us to schedule your private lesson.