Originally posted on exercise.com, written by Lynda Salerno Gehrman.

Did you know that Pilates can actually help runners avoid injuries and improve their run?

Whether you’re an experienced marathon runner or you just enjoy a morning jog, Pilates can help you maximize your run.

Prior to the annual NYC Marathon, we hold a fun “Pilates for Runners” class at our studio, Physio Logic Pilates & Movement. During this fun yet informative class, students learn the right moves to become even better runners. Below are a few moves we incorporate into Pilates sessions for runners!

Cross-Train Your Muscles

Running will exhaust major muscle groups. Pilates will cross-train these muscles by working them eccentrically and concentrically. It will also give those muscles a break. For example, if you feel that you overuse your quads, doing hip-extensor-specific exercises will help your body recognize that it can couple these muscle groups together during your run or get up a hill using the glutes and hamstrings.

Correct Your Gait

Utilizing the Pilates footwork series will work the intrinsic muscles in the feet. These movements not only find the “abs” and “biceps” in your tootsies but they also appropriately carry the proper connections up your kinetic chain, which will help to correct your gait cycle and distinguish correct from incorrect alignment.

Carrying this knowledge all the way to the top of the head is going to make you a more efficient runner. Understanding correct head, neck, and back alignment will not only make your run feel better, but it will also alleviate the compression in your hip, knee, and vertebral joints with every stride that hits the ground.

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