Originally posted on pilatesstyle.com, written by Eme Cole, with additional reporting by Amanda Altman and Anne Marie O’Connor

Whether they’re housed in 17th century Italian convents, 19th century New York tenements or 21st century Costa Rican treehouses, these studios not only stand out for their great instruction but for their superior design.

Physio Logic Pilates & Movement, Brooklyn, NY

OWNER: Lynda Salerno Gehrman
DESIGN AESTHETIC: The space houses both a Pilates studio and Gehrman’s husband’s integrative healthcare clinic, so
architect Perla Delson designed a flexible space that separated the two practices but that can be recombined when necessary to create a larger, more open space. The studio features 360 degrees of windows and natural materials like bamboo flooring, stone and glass, plus dozens of mirrors that were custom-made into movable walls. Gehrman reused marble countertops from her previous space and also added some funky, Brooklyn-esque touches, including her parents’ 53-year-old blue-flowered couches, a gold-glitter hairdresser chair and themed bathrooms (disco, sports and beach girl!).

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