I put my tree up on Nov 2. I left the pumpkins under it until after thanksgiving and finally got ahead of my holiday tasks this year.  Then I fell behind again like everyone else, but the jumpstart made for a successful recovery. Year end business matters, traveling for the holidays, school events, spending money like crazy on gifts, and keeping up with the day to day- oh my! Even those of you who don’t celebrate gift giving holidays, understand the year end frenzy and winter spirit. Finding center in the midst of being pulled in many different directions, in a shorter amount of daylight, can always be a challenge. I promised myself that I would soak up all the joy this year and not allow myself to feel the contagious negative aspects of stress from a long self induced  to-do list this year. Managing stress is something I am decent at, partially because I don’t equate stress with negativity, it’s how we produce and get the pressure we need to accomplish goals.

Here are a few general tips that I follow to create and relish what feels like limited time. And some exercise flows to support winter bodies, shopping, lifting, and laying around while digesting holiday food.

  1. Create longer appointments or task times. Allocating more time to any appointment, or task like a trip to a store or school pickup will allow you time and space to breathe and think. It gives you time to take a stroll. When I actually do this, I find myself walking slower and taking in all the beauty in the city this time of year.
  2. Cozy up earlier, go to bed later.  I am a night owl by nature so when I try to go to bed early when my daughter goes to bed, I find myself waking up at 3 am ready, but not ready, to start the day. When I get home, I immediately get my (even more:) comfy clothes to have dinner, and do the nighttime routine. The quiet at night can be extremely efficient and I prefer it to a super early morning productivity since it allows me to start the next day fresh having accomplished tasks or brainstorm the night before.
  3. Schedule in your movement. It is more likely that you will benefit from a system rather than your daily motivation. This means setting up a schedule or system for your wellness that incorporates listening to your body.  Don’t just wake up and “listen to your body” that might say, “stay on the couch all day,” or “stare at the computer and finish your work all day.”  Mark the time and space you are dedicating to movement and listen to your body in that time frame. Developing the intuition to give your body what it needs comes with time and experience. Take classes, try new things. See how your body responds and feels after you push yourself further than you thought you could do on one day, and dial it back with somatic practices on another day.

As we roll in the new year and we are bombarded with New Year’s resolutions, take a step back in the midst of these winter months, stay true to yourself and be realistic. A new year, new you can take place anytime. Find small ways to bring joy to your world. They will make all the difference.

And include Pilates-  it works.


Thoracic Rotation Followed by Back Extension (Swan)

Keep scapula stable, Pedal moves down because thoracic spine is rotating.


Backward Step Down

Keep top knee lined up with heel trying not to let it pass the toe line. Initiate through the glute of top leg, keep pelvis square and level.

Chair Lunge Forward with Added Calf Raise in Between.

Keep top knee lined up with heel trying not to let it pass the toe line. Initiate through the glute of top leg, keep pelvis square and level.

Internal Rotation Flow

Arms in front: Internal – external- press up on ceiling

Arms over head: Internal – external – hold up ceiling as you lower


External Rotation Flow

Elbows to waist: internal- external rotation- reach arms straight to sides

Arms straight to sides: internal- external rotation-bring elbows to waist





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