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These days, everyone’s got a wellness philosophy. The husband and wife team behind Physio Logic has a wellness philosophy for everyone. “The location of our office “balancing” on top of a Shake Shack is a perfect representation of our philosophy,” says Lynda Gehrman, aforementioned wife (and business partner) to Physio Logic co-owner Rudy Gehrman. “The act of striving for balance in life is where all the benefits are.”

Tell us more! “Every system in the body is constantly working to bring itself back to homeostasis,” Gehrman says. “Knowing where this center is in your posture, joints, fitness level, healing rates, recovery, immune system, overall nutrition, and blood levels of your body is something we aren’t taught until something goes wrong.”

And that’s why you offer physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, sports medicine, Pilates, yoga, nutrition and health coaching (whew!) all in one place? “We really love the team approach and integrating multiple departments as needed to give customized heath, wellness and fitness plans.”

And why Downtown Brooklyn? “Rudy fell in love with the neighborhood right after grad school and decided to open his practice here. Fast forward four years: I also fell in love with the neighborhood, and I fell for Rudy shortly thereafter. I decided to open my Pilates studio here too, and collaborated with his clinic from the beginning.”

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