We are proud to solidify what has been coming to fruition for many years.

We are now called: BASI Pilates Academy – New York City.  I founded Physio Logic Pilates 17 years ago. We have crossed 3 decades including the invention of the iPhone, 6 renovations, an 8 month shutdown, and 11 years of Pilates teacher training. This transition feels the way all my business decisions have felt to date, just right with no doubts.

We have felt your joy in having and raising children, laughed at the stories, supported your sadness, watched you change jobs, retire, move, and come back. The relationships formed are a beautiful side note to watching you get stronger and feel your inner power.

I started working in my career field diligently at the age of 15 and always dreamed of having a studio home for teachers and students alike. The goal was never for it to me “mine” or for it to center around me. Which is why I love collaborating with our partnering medical and wellness center at Physio Logic. It has been a dream come true to offer the world renowned Teacher Training Program that is BASI Pilates and being chosen as a faculty member for them.

This expansion project will not change any of the things that make Physio Logic Pilates amazing. The transition is simply to enhance the relationship for our international BASI family and show proudly what we stand for.

Passion, Compassion, Excellence.

Our relationship with Physio Logic:

This relationship happily remains the same. The main notable difference is the Pilates studio name change. You will start to notice some new signage and branding in the studio along with our new website and socials.


One of the most exciting parts of this transition, BASI Systems! We are getting lots of new toys! We are selling much of our current equipment from our Brooklyn location and moving stuff around to welcome our new apparatus friends.


No changes here. We love our teachers, family and welcome different backgrounds of teacher training. As always we hold the same values, morals and high level of integrity for Pilates as a method and its history.

Teacher Training: 

Our courses will be more visible to the world outside NY. We can be a more viable home base for our international students to know that we share the same goals and values.

We can spread the word on a broader scale about being a practice body for teachers in training. This is the perfect way to make Pilates more accessible.

With love and gratitude,

Lynda Gehrman